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About Us

South Wind Stables is a pleasant facility with a small, private barn atmosphere carefully designed to make you feel right at home.The individual needs of each horse are our top priority. The light and airy barn includes amenities such as; rubber stall mats, heated buckets in winter, fans in summer, and stall run outs for the horses. We pride ourselves in feeding hay several times a day, and providing a comprehensive feeding program designed for each horse’s nutritional needs.


South Wind Stables is designed to accommodate both beginning and intermediate riders interested in improving their general horsemanship skills and dressage. The indoor area is a generous 200 x 80 featuring a slanted kickboard and sand footing with magnesium chloride for dust control.
The property features 30 acres of woods and ravines over a total of 90 acres that are fun to hack out after your ride or trail riding. The trails make for a lovely ride in any season.

Amy Rothe-Hietter, the resident riding instructor, has 40+ years of experience with horses and teaching. Amy is an active participant in the local dressage community, having served as President of Ohio Dressage Society and President of Mid-Ohio Dressage Association; using her showing and dressage skills to manage local and USEF/USDF Level lll recognized dressage shows. Amy’s riding and coaching experience includes a wide variety of breeds; Ponies, Haflinger, Andalusian, Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred, warm-blood, and draft crosses. Amy’s active show career includes dressage levels through Grand Prix, earning her USDF Bronze and Silver Medals. Amy has graduated with distinction from the United States Dressage Federation’s “L“ program for judge education, and in 2023 earned her USEF "r" judging credentials. Amy has judged schooling shows in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

In addition to a long riding history in classical dressage, Amy is very active in Western Dressage. Amy has competed at Level Four, as well as a Level Four Musical Freestyle, and has attended the WDAA “Train the Trainers” and “Train the Judges” seminars and was the Level Two (the highest level at that time) demo rider in “Train the Trainers” seminar.

Amy’s enthusiasm for horse and rider provide a unique and exciting teaching experience for any level rider. The focus of learning includes having fun with your horse and enjoying shared activities. The better each rider can understand the horse and his motivations/reactions, when we understand the horse and accurately read what he is telling us, we can hope to communicate more clearly and better shape the behavior of the horse. Amy’s genuine sincerity and kindness for each individual rider and their horse is proven with each student’s success. No matter if you are interested in showing, learning classical or western dressage, increasing the bond with your horse, Amy’s commitment to her students is unparalleled.